Cash Bail Bond Financing

What is a Cash Bail Bond?

A court ordered financial guarantee that must be paid in full is referred to as a Cash Bail Bond. This is in contrast to a Surety Bond, which can be backed by a Licensed Bail Bond Agent. There are many reasons you might be given a Cash Bond option; i.e. failure to appear, non paid fines, flight risk, etc. The court keeps the money and uses it to pay any fines or court costs that may accumulate. The Cash Bond must be paid with the exact dollar amount (the jail will not provide change). It may take a while for the court to receive the money so you always want to keep your Cash Bond receipt. If the money hasn’t made it to the court, and you have an incident with the law, you could be taken back to jail if you can’t show proof of payment.

How Does the Cash Bail Financing Work?

As you can imagine, there’s a considerable amount of risk in the Cash Bond Financing market. Therefore, we need to mitigate our losses by securing various methods of repayment options. We have no problem putting the cash up for your release; we simply want to be paid back in a timely manner. Some of the things you’ll need to qualify are:

  1. Either you or a Co-Signer will need to have a Credit Score of at least 700. We will run a credit check to make sure there’s a qualified applicant on the Financing Contract.
  2. We require a form to be signed that gives us the right to implement a Bank Garnishment and/or Wage Garnishment in the event of default.
  3. We try to keep the financing limited to Cash Bonds of $1,000 or less. However, there are exceptions with a solid financial backer.

The bottom line is if we get paid as agreed, there are no issues. We don’t want to chase anybody around any more than somebody wants to be chased.

Cash Bail Bond

How Fast Can I Be Released?

The simple answer is fast. That’s taking into consideration you meet the Cash Bail requirements listed above. We always have the financial means on hand to secure your release so it’s just a matter of completing the paperwork and posting bail.

What Happens to the Money I Pay?

The court keeps the money until the case is disposed and/or the bond is exonerated. After that, the court will return any unused portion of the payment in around 2 to 6 weeks. Make sure you ask the judge to exonerate the bond as it can take weeks for the process to happen if you don’t.